These 2 Scottish Towns Have Been Named ‘Must-Visit UK Locations’ in 2024

With the year 2023 just about to round up, it’s time to look ahead to 2024. Specifically, it’s time to look ahead to that motorhome holiday you have booked – and if you haven’t booked one, what’s taking you so long?! 

There are so many places to visit and experience if you’re renting a motorhome in Scotland, and we’ve spent a fair bit of blog space recommending the best. With every new year, however, comes new possibilities, and according to Time Out, those possibilities come in the form of Ullapool, in the Western Highlands, and St Andrews, in Fife. 

Ullapool and St Andrews in Time Out’s Top 15 Destinations

Time Out annually lists the top 15 locations to visit in the UK, and this year, two of them are towns in Scotland. 

According to the publication, these are locations that have ‘buzzy new openings, excellent food and drink, and pinch-me-moment landscapes’. While this line could be used to describe any town in Scotland, Time Out has certainly hit the nail on the head with Ullapool and St Andrews.

These are two of the most criminally underrated and under-talked-about locations in the country. Filled with exciting night-time venues, beautiful architecture, and scenic hikes such as the Stac Pollaidh mountain in Ullapool and the Kingdom of Fife in St Andrews, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend in your motorhome than exploring every inch of them! 

What You Can Do When Visiting?

You might be thinking: well this is all well and good, but what exactly can I get up to when visiting? And the answer is a lot. Both of these locations have their own unique beauty and hidden gems. St Andrews, for instance, is essentially a movie location, having featured heavily in Chariots of Fire and the hit Netflix show The Crown

But there’s more than just a cinematic beauty about this place, though. St Andrews is home to one of the most delicious fry-ups in Scotland, Northpoint, and a contender for the best fish n’ chips in Dino’s. Castle Sands Beach is a great place to come if you’re travelling with children, especially in the summer, when it’s thriving with keen beach-goers and a whole load of ice-cream trucks! In the evening, too, the Byre Theatre puts on some brilliant local shows, which is perfect if you want a taste of the entertainment culture.

Around 45 miles from Inverness, Ullapool is one of the best spots for hikers or cyclists. With Corrieshalloch Falls and the Stac Pollaidh mountain looming large over the village, it’s almost impossible to leave this place without a newfound respect for the majesty of nature – as well as a newfound respect for the durability of your legs! 

It’s not all lakes and mountains, however. Just recently, the town has begun hosting the UK’s most remote club night, in a venue named Baile/Baile. Centred around the community, this is a fantastic event that displays alternative types of entertainment, with a nightly capacity of around 100 revellers. 

Where Else Should You Visit in 2024?

While we agree completely with Time Out’s list, there are plenty of other underrated places you can take our vehicles when visiting Scotland. 

Pitlochry, for instance, is another favourite among hikers. Nestled in the hills of Perthshire, near to the River Tummel, this is a gorgeous village perfect for active tourists looking for a challenge. One of the most popular hikes is Ben Vrackie, which takes you up the 2,757-foot mountain just behind the village itself. In the adjacent valley, Killiecrankie, there’s also a fun adventure park, complete with bungee jumping, zip lines, and giant swing activities. 

Meanwhile, for people who are solely interested in gorgeous Scottish photo ops, Torridon delivers some of the best views in Scotland. While the actual village doesn’t have a lot for tourists, the castle-like mountains, the zig-zagging lochs and the silhouetted view of the Isle of Skye are bound to leave a lasting impression – especially if you visit in the winter, when the hills and mountains are layered with snow. 

Other underrated spots you can visit include Aviemore, Callander, Ballater, Harris, Oban, and many more. But really, the destinations that you visit are up to you. The best thing about a motorhome holiday is that your holiday is in your control. We can give you some recommendations – we’re very good at doing that! – but where you go is your choice. Just say the word, push the pedal, and our motorhomes will get you there!