Motorhomes and Campervans: What’s the Difference?

When people type in ‘motorhome to rent’ or ‘campervan to rent’ on Google, it’s not often that they actually realise they’re asking after two separate things.

While they might seem the same at first glance, motorhomes and campervans are not synonymous with each other. It’s not like comparing your lounge with your neighbour’s sitting room, or your sofa with their settee, couch, or loveseat! A sofa, couch, and settee are really the same thing, just described differently. A motorhome and campervan, on the other hand, are fundamentally different.

Here at Ariescape, we’ve historically provided customers with motorhome hire, allowing you to explore Scotland at your own leisure while enjoying all the best homely comforts, but in 2025, that’s about to change.

We’ll still be providing motorhomes, of course. We wouldn’t dream of depriving you of those! But alongside our motorhome collection, we’re also launching a brand new campervan collection, giving you more choices about the type of vehicle you can use and the way in which you can experience this magnificent country.

So what exactly is the difference? Well, in the lead-up to campervans being added to our arsenal, we thought it would be a good idea to walk you through it, helping you to make an informed decision when you come to book at Ariescape and travel Scotland in a way that suits you.

Campervan vs Motorhome

The first difference to talk about starts with the manufacturing process. Motorhomes are specifically purpose-built for travelling in comfort. In many ways, it’s like staying in a beautiful hotel room, featuring everything from a double bed to a kitchen, to a sofa (or a settee, couch, or loveseat, depending on what you call it!). A campervan, on the other hand, is a van that has been converted into a camper, making it more compact and agile.

Size and Comfort

With this in mind, the living areas for motorhomes are naturally larger and have more space, but that doesn’t mean campervans are a ‘lesser’ option. On the contrary, more and more people have been renting campervans in the last few years specifically because of their smaller size.

If you want to travel Scotland with a partner, for instance, then the space of a campervan could be more than acceptable – especially given the other benefits, which we’ll go into later. What’s more, the designs of campervans have been optimised over the last few years, ensuring that – while they might not be as big as motorhomes – they are still comfortable and homely enough for long-haul travel.

Driving Experience

The driving experience is also different. For those who are new to renting a motorhome, it’s easy to feel a little less confident behind the wheel simply because of their size. In many ways, they’re specific touring vehicles – vehicles that you need to reign in and ‘get the hang of’ before feeling confident driving through the Scottish countryside.

Campervans, however, are more like an ‘everyday’ vehicle. Because of their compact nature, they feel more familiar to drive and can shine particularly well on narrower roads or tighter areas – especially when it comes to parking. We’re not saying that motorhomes are inherently difficult to drive, or campervans are inherently easy. We’re just saying that everyone is different, and for people who don’t feel confident driving a motorhome, a campervan alternative can have huge appeal.

Price Difference

Because of their smaller size and fewer accommodations, renting a campervan can also be cheaper than renting a motorhome, making it the perfect choice if you’re exploring Scotland on a tight budget. In our opinion, the price probably won’t be the defining factor when choosing between one or the other, but it’s still a good idea to check out the price ranges to find the vehicle that best suits your holiday plans.

Which One is Better?

On this note, the question of which is better really comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your Scottish adventure. As mentioned previously, if you’re travelling with just your partner or a friend – or even just by yourself – a campervan could be a solid option to provide enough space, while still allowing you to explore every nook and cranny that Scotland has to offer.

If you’re travelling with your family, on the other hand, a motorhome could be perfect to accommodate all of you and provide you with all the necessary living accommodations. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to think carefully about your holiday plans, your budget, your travelling partners, and then choose the vehicle that caters to you.