A Few Things To Consider If You’re New To Motorhome Hire

Scotland has long been recognised as one of the most beautiful places in the world. With a number of cities boasting mediaeval and Georgian architecture, moorlands which are home to swerving hills and ancient ruins, as well as mountain ranges which hide the most spectacular, ice-blue glaciers; this is a country which should be explored in the best way possible.

For comfort, luxury and practicality, you can’t get much better than motorhome hire in Scotland. With any other holiday, you would have to pick out a limited number of locations, book travel, book hotels, and try to see as much as you can while you’ve got the chance. With Ariescape, however, you can take your 5-star hotel room with you. 

There is no need to book hotels or narrow down locations. The roads are vast and the route you take is entirely up to you. All you have to do is book our motorhome, come to Edinburgh, pick up the keys, and the rest of the adventure is all yours. 

Does It Matter If You’re New To Motorhomes?

You don’t have to be a motorhome connoisseur to book a motorhome and set off on your journey. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. All you need to do is take the time to research and understand how you can make your journey as enjoyable and stress free as it can possibly be. 

For those in need, here’s a list of a few factors of motorhome hire to get you going:

Know Your Motorhome

Every motorhome is different. At Ariescape, we offer a range of motorhomes and RV’s, each one of which has a variety of features, including smart TVs, ovens, hobs, bike racks, as well as full insurance and unlimited mileage. It is important to be aware of everything we provide. After all, you don’t want to be turning up on your holiday with an abundance of stuff we have already procured for you.

Get To Grips With Your Motorhome

Once you get your keys, it can be tempting to simply stick them in the ignition and get started as soon as possible. This is not advised. If you want to ensure you are safe and ready to make the most out of your motorhome hire, it is first important to go through the systems and closely read the vehicle’s manual. This is going to be your home for the foreseeable future, so you need to understand what it does and how it all works.

Don’t Go Too Crazy Whilst Packing

Although you are venturing into the heart of Scotland, you don’t need to bring as much as you might have thought. As mentioned previously, our motorhomes offer a wide range of features. They are the best luxury motorhomes in Scotland, so not a huge amount is needed to go on top of what you are given. Cake tins, fruit blenders or ironing boards, for instance – not needed. Warm clothes, swimming shorts, scarves – needed. Make sure you figure out the space and don’t bring anything you’re not sure you’re going to use, as this will only increase the weight of the vehicle and decrease space to move around freely.

Think About Your Safety

No holiday is entirely without risks. If you’re planning to take a hike through Glen Coe or to catch a sunrise view on top of Ben Lomond, then it is important to pack the safety gear necessary for everyone. As well as this, try to avoid travelling in the dark. You are unfamiliar with the roads, and it is far easier to get lost or struggle to find campsites if your view is limited. During high winds, it is also advised that you close your windows and avoid the interior of your motorhome getting damaged. Exploring Scotland is one of the most exciting, fun things you can do, but that doesn’t mean you should make your safety any less of a priority. 

Plan Your Journey Thoroughly

Planning your journey from front to back can be a great way to make the most out of your Scottish holiday. For instance, if you’re planning a long route from Edinburgh to the Highlands and onwards to Skye, then you need to know the best roads and schedule your timings wisely. Scotland is not a small place, and at times the Highland roads can feel endless. From Cape Wrath to the Mull of Galloway, the country extends 274 miles, so get your destinations sorted and prepare as well as you can. You’ll thank yourself later!