7 Foods That Are Quintessentially Scottish

We’re going to say it: UK food gets a bad rap. Most people abroad think that UK food is 10% beans, 20% potatoes, 50% pies, and another 20% something weird, like jellied eels. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s England. Not Scotland.

Without being biased at all, we would say that Scottish food is way better, and you’re going to want to try some of it while you’re over here.

One of the great things about motorhome hire in Scotland is the fact that you get the whole country to explore, not just the specific region where you’ve booked your accommodation. 

That means you can visit as many restaurants as you want, and get the full range of Scottish cuisine. So, let’s dive straight into the custard and look at the 7 best foods that Scotland has to offer:

All Hail The Haggis

Okay, we might as well start with haggis, because that’s why you’re all here. Yes, let’s get it out of the way, haggis is offal, oatmeal, and seasoning, boiled in an animal’s stomach. Disgusting, we get it. Except it’s not! 

Haggis is one of the most delicious things you can try while in Scotland, and don’t worry, it’s rarely served in an animal’s stomach anymore – not unless you go to a really traditional Scottish kitchen! 

Tablets – Just Without Angry Birds

If you’re travelling in a motorhome with children, instead of keeping them quiet with a tablet, why not keep them quiet with tablet? Confused? Don’t be. Scottish tablet is actually a type of sugary treat made from sugar, cream, condensed milk and butter. 

You might think it looks like American fudge, but it’s actually far grainier, with a more brittle texture – actually describes us Scots perfectly.

Potato Scones vs. Hash Browns

Ah, the never-ending debate between Scotland and the rest of the world. What makes the best accompaniment to a cooked breakfast: potato scones or hash browns? In our opinion, there’s no competition. It’s potato scones all the way. 

Potato scones are made from mashed potato and flour. They are far softer than hash browns, which makes them less filling and more of an appropriate accompaniment for a full Scottish breakfast. Leaves more room for sausages, black pudding and haggis!

Scottish Shortbread…‘Nuff Said

If you want to try a little piece of heaven while you’re travelling Scotland, then pop into any one of our food stores. There, you’ll likely find a tin of Scottish shortbread — or in other words, the best shortbread in the world! 

Seriously, this stuff melts in your mouth. It usually comes in different shapes and sizes, but you won’t notice, because it’ll be gone as soon as the tin is opened.

Warming Up With Cullen Skink

Okay, we’ll admit, we Scots aren’t exactly very good at giving our food attractive names. But what else would you call a broth originally made from cow shins and knuckles? 

Cullen Skink is one of the most traditional Scottish meals, and although it doesn’t exactly sound great, we would highly recommend giving it a go. For one, the shins and knuckles were part of an older recipe. We’ve since grown more cultured, so we make our Cullen Skink with smoked haddock rather than cattle legs – aren’t we moving up in the world? 

As a result, Cullen Skink is a delicious, warm and creamy broth. If you’re driving one of our vehicles around Scotland on a cold and snowy day, it’s even more effective than the warmest of radiators! 

Release The Cranachan

Moving back to the sweet stuff, if you ever have room for dessert in Scotland, we recommend you pick the cranachan.

This is a Scottish dessert made from whipped cream, oatmeal, honey, raspberries and, of course, whisky. If you can’t picture it, cranachan is essentially the Scottish version of English trifle – only way better because it has whisky in it. 

Scotch Whisky – Without The “E”!

Talking of whisky, we’re going to round up this article with a nod to the best liquor ever to grace the planet. Scottish whisky. 

Now obviously we don’t recommend this if you’re in the midst of your travels, but if you’ve parked up in a motorhome site for a few nights – and you’re able to partake in some whisky – then it’s definitely something to try out. 

Scotch whisky is the best in the world, and there are several distilleries up and down the country where you can watch it being made and try a few tasters. Just be warned, when you try Scotch whisky, you’ll never be able to enjoy a whisky spelt with an “E” ever again.