The Best Places To Visit When Travelling With Children

Seeing as it’s the spooky season and everyone is eating candy and arguing about how the remake of Halloween really wasn’t that bad, let’s talk about something scary. 

There are three things that every motorhome driver dreads when they look into a rearview mirror: a collection of broken crockery from the cupboard they didn’t shut, an empty spot in the luggage pile for that suitcase they forgot to pack and – most terrifying of all – children. 

Travelling with children can often seem like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone loves their kids, after all, and there’s nothing better than watching them see the world for the first time, taking in all the sights that will last in their memory forever. Sure, there may be a few tantrums along the way. You might have to quiet them down every now and then by stopping off at the petrol station and buying a few Kit-Kats, but the whole experience should be fun.

Seriously, though, it should be. Travelling with children and having a good, enjoyable family holiday in the process is possible. It’s all about know-how and compromise. For instance, there may be plenty of places you want to see during your motorhome hire holiday in Scotland, but you also need to think about your children and take into account what they might like to experience. 

With this in mind, here are three places in Scotland that can ensure you have a fun family holiday and don’t blow all your budget on a year’s supply of kit-kats: 

National Museum, Edinburgh

Whether it’s at the start or the end of your motorhome journey, venturing into Edinburgh and trying out the National Museum of Scotland is a great idea for a bit of fun with the kids. 

A museum?! we hear you say. How could any kid enjoy a museum? Well, the National Museum in Edinburgh is not just any museum. That is to say, it’s not all bones behind glass and tidbit information about how a prehistoric sloth had nails two inches longer than the sloths of today. On the contrary, the National Museum of Scotland is a bustling factory of fun, fascinating and brilliant exhibits that kids will love.

Whether it’s searching through virtual telescopes in the science section, putting the pedal to the metal in a Formula 1 racing car, or coming face to face with a real-life Tyrannosaurus Rex, this museum is sure to keep your child’s attention all day long. 

Ayr Beach, Ayrshire

You can’t beat a day at the beach, even in misty Scotland. For every child in the country, the word “beach” is synonymous with fun, ice-cream, sandcastles and Ayr Beach delivers on all three. 

Ayr Beach, located in Ayrshire, was recently awarded the Seaside Award by Keep Scotland Beautiful, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a vast playground that is ripe for picnics, games and activities. What’s more, if the beach isn’t enough, there’s the Pirate Pete’s Family Entertainment Centre located right on the seafront. This is a great space where children can enjoy some mini-golf, laser quest and indoor soft-play areas – don’t worry, there’s also a nice café for the grown-ups to relax in.

You don’t even have to worry about accommodation. That’s the best thing about motorhomes, you’re essentially driving your hotel room around the place and you can choose which motorhome park is most convenient for you. For this location, the Ayr Craigie Gardens Motorhome Club is just a ten minute walk away, so all you have to do is park up and enjoy the scenic walk down to the seafront. 

Go Ape, Aberfoyle

If you’re travelling up around Aberfoyle, then you should definitely try out the local Go Ape. For those who haven’t heard of it, Go Ape is a famous outdoor activity centre which is perfect for children and grown-ups alike. 

This particular one in Aberfoyle is located amongst stunning scenery. The usual Scottish stuff. Moorland, forests, mountains and even a few lochs. It is also famous for having the longest dual zip wires in Scotland, with a dare-devil Treetop Challenge which involves a dizzying 426-metre-long flight all the way back down to earth. Just be warned, if you’re scared of heights, you might want to leave that one out.

If you’re planning on a long motorhome journey after Aberfoyle, then this is a perfect place to go to get the adrenaline roaring and make sure the children are ready for some rest before they get back into the motorhome. Who knows? They might even sleep all the way to the next adventure. You can only dream!