Why a Scottish Motorhome Vacation is the Perfect Choice for Honeymooners

Ah, the honeymoon. It’s the reward for planning the wedding and making it through a 45-minute wedding line-up when all you want is to sit down with a plate of cake and practice calling one another ‘husband’ or ‘wife’. It’s the moment of peace after the storm, and it’s one holiday – the one place in the world – that will forever stand out from all the other trips you’ve taken.

Far-flung, sandy destinations like the Maldives and Honolulu tend to attract the lion’s share of attention when it comes to planning the honeymoon, but, unless you’re a sunworshipper or avid bookworm (and happy with a long-haul flight), these destinations may not be at the very top of your list.

While we may be biased, we’re always happy to convince soon-to-be honeymooners to bump a cross-country Scottish getaway courtesy of our motorhome hire to the number one spot. Here’s why…

You’ll get as much peace as you want

Peace, quiet, and tranquillity – three things any honeymoon needs. Scotland is covered in countless miles of open landscape, romantically wild and perfect for some much-needed R&R after the wedding party. Whether you’re into long hikes or wild swimming, Scotland has it all to give – and some.

But it’s nice to find yourself in civilisation, particularly when you want a break from the usual chores like cooking dinner and washing up. Motorhome holidays offer the very best of both worlds. If you feel like spending a day among people, culture, energy, great music and even better food, then all you need to do is get back behind the wheel and make your way to one of Scotland’s best towns or cities.

Edinburgh is an incredibly romantic place to be whether you’re there for a couple of days or just passing through, it won’t take long for you to start feeling the magic. Get dressed up and enjoy a meal at one of Edinburgh’s most romantic restaurants, or get even closer to one another with a ghostly tour of the underground world beneath Edinburgh’s pavements.

It’s the best kind of teamwork

A motorhome gets you out there in the wilds of Scotland without forcing you to give up your creature comforts. Our motorhomes are equipped with everything you could need to have a relaxed and luxurious time on the road, with plenty of space, top-notch cooking facilities, unlimited mileage and hook ups for water and electricity (as well as free gas for heating and cooking).

Even still, you can enjoy some of the more enjoyable parts of camping. From navigating the B-roads the old-fashioned way (with a road map and plenty of wrong turns) to getting a campfire going, working out the right timings for the best s’mores, and taking it in turns learning how to reverse-park a motorhome, even the closest couples will learn something new about one another on a motorhome vacation in Scotland.

The weather is always romantic

Okay, okay – so Scotland may not be famous for its weather like Hawaii or the Mediterranean, and the weather it is famous for is generally the unpredictable, wet and windy variety.

But wet and windy weather has its own charm. What could be more romantic than battening down the hatches, getting under a blanket big enough for two, finding a good book or a good film to watch on the laptop, and listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof?

And, when the sun does break through, Scotland really does shine like a jewel. Take a long walk, see a beautifully dilapidated castle, or enjoy an aperitif on a rooftop bar with perfect views of the city – whatever you do, make the most of it!

Running out of cell phone service won’t be the worst thing

Our motorhomes are equipped with satellite navigation, so getting around will never be a problem. So, when your 4G bars do run dry – which they have a habit of doing once you’re clear of the major cities – you can embrace the opportunity to be 100% present, away from the non-stop demands of the smartphone.

That’s not to say your entire trip has to be unplugged. More than 70% of Scotland has cell phone coverage, which is all the more reason to really make the most of those service-free moments and focus all your attention on one another.

There are so many reasons to book up a Scottish road trip in a luxury motorhome, particularly when it’s in celebration of the most important time in your lives together!