Where to Watch the Euros 2024 During Your Scotland Holiday

If you were to walk around Edinburgh right now, you’re likely to come across a few pubs. 385 in total. And while each pub in Edinburgh has its distinct personality and character, there is a notable theme across all of them right now. Flags. Specifically, German flags, Scottish flags, Spanish flags, Italian flags, and even English flags – shock, horror! 

This isn’t a usual thing. Edinburgh doesn’t constantly deck their pubs in flags to welcome foreign visitors, otherwise they’d be completely covered. You’d be using a flag as a coaster! The reason you’d be seeing so many flags right now is due to a little event that is starting on 14th June. The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament.

UEFA Euro 2024

For anyone who’s booked a motorhome hire for June and July – and you happen to be a football fan – then you’ve timed things perfectly. On 14th June, the first Men’s UEFA Euros game is being played against Germany and Scotland, with the tournament due to last until 14th July, when Scotland will play some other team in the grand Euros final. 

The Euros themselves are one of the most celebrated and anticipated football events in the world, only surpassed by the FIFA World Cup – which Scotland hasn’t participated in since 1998, so for us, the Euros pips it – and the excitement is already at fever pitch. To make the most out of it, however, you need to time your motorhome holiday accordingly.

Where to Watch the Euros 2024 in Scotland

Before you even start booking places to watch the Euros, take a moment to assess your travelling partners. The ones who will also be sharing one of our vehicles! If you’re travelling with your SO, for instance, there’s a possibility they’re not as excited about football as you are. At least, not excited enough to let a few football matches take up some precious time during your Scottish adventure. We’re not saying you shouldn’t start booking if they’re not a football fan. Goodness, no. But they’ll need a good book. 

Once you’ve got that out of the way, you can start looking around. It’s important to note that a few of the places we’ll be talking about here include pubs and bars, so you’ll need to ensure you’re not driving any time soon after the game is finished. For instance, the first – and perhaps best – place to watch the Euros is here in Edinburgh itself. It’s a pub called The Pear Tree, located on Nicolson Street, not 10 minutes from the Royal Mile. This is a gorgeous indoor/outdoor venue that hosts all the biggest sporting events, including the Euros. We’d recommend booking ahead of time so you can nab an outside table and watch the game on the big screen, basked in the glorious Scottish sunshine with a pina colada in one hand. Or a Tennents. It depends how native you want to be.

If you’re further north for that much-anticipated first game, we’d also recommend the Malones Irish Bar in Aberdeen. There are a lot of wonderful secrets in Aberdeen, but this place isn’t one of them! This is a gorgeous Irish pub with a bustling atmosphere and multiple large screens, renowned for its passionate football fans and delicious beers on tap. Other venues to visit in Aberdeen include Wilson’s Sports Bar, Legends Sports Bar, and McNasty’s – don’t be put off by the name, it’s actually very nice. 

If you’re further into the wilderness, another place to try out is The Legion, which is located near the shores of the mysterious Loch Ness. This is a gorgeous pub which is beloved for its friendly atmosphere and its proximity to Scotland’s biggest natural landmark, although it is rather small, so if you’re after a larger venue we’d recommend checking out the Caledonian Stadium in Inverness, where you can watch the game as if it was happening in Scotland itself!

What are the Best Euros Games to Watch?

If you’re not a football fan, but you’d still like to join in with the electric Euros atmosphere, you might be asking what games specifically you should book for. In our opinion, any game with Scotland in it is a game that cannot be missed. For obvious reasons. Us Scots love our football, and actually qualifying for a Euros tournament is a rare occurrence, so we can’t begin to imagine how excited the venues will be when the men in blue are on the field. The Scotland games coming up include:

  • Scotland vs Germany – 14th June
  • Scotland vs Switzerland – 19th June
  • Scotland vs Hungary – 23rd June

Any one of these games will be worth watching, and if you’re really lucky, you might even be around for Scotland’s Round of 16 playoff, and then Scotland’s quarter-final, semi-final, and final. You might even be lucky enough to be around when Scotland inevitably lifts the trophy, and that would be quite something to behold. So don’t miss out and start booking!