When Is The Best Time Of Year To Have A Motorhome Holiday In Scotland?

If you’re craving a motorhome holiday in Scotland, then you might be wondering about the best time of year to visit.

Scotland is a country that can give you pretty much anything as far as motorhome travelling is concerned. 

One moment, you could be cruising along the wilderness of the highlands, staring up at snow-encrusted mountains, the next you could be parking up in a youthful, exuberant city full of noise, buzz and activity. 

But you will be in Scotland for a finite time only – we can’t really let you take our motorhome indefinitely, unfortunately – so when exactly is the best time of year to actually go? What can you experience in spring, for instance, that you wouldn’t be able to experience in the summer? 

Well, let’s take a quick look at each season and see if we can help you with your decision.

Spring Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds 

One thing you might be concerned about when you hire a motorhome in Scotland is the weather. It hasn’t exactly got the best reputation in this regard. But then again, Scotland is renowned for its beautiful wilderness, full of snowy scenes you would expect to see in a postcard. So, which would you prefer? Warmth or a snowy spectacle? 

Well, why not both? In fact, one of the best times to visit Scotland is during late spring – around mid-March to May. The temperature is warmer – averaging around 7 degrees to 15 degrees – but you can still drive through the Highlands or Cairngorms and spot snow nestled snugly on the mountaintops. 

May To June Gives You Summer Vibes – Without The Crowds

If you’re wanting even warmer weather, however, then the months of May and June might be the best time to visit. This is the edge of the high season, meaning you will have a good temperature, milder weather and not too many of those summer crowds. 

As well as this, there are a number of festivals that take place around early summer, so there will be plenty to do – and perhaps even the luxury of wearing a t-shirt whilst doing it!

August To September For The Weather

If you’re not bothered about the typical summer crowds, then why not travel Scotland during the high months of the summer? One of the best places to visit in August and September has to be Edinburgh, purely for the Fringe Festival. 

This is when the city seems to go up in population by about 90%, but it’s worth it for the number of brilliant acts and performances that are taking place across the streets and in every venue you can find. 

Autumn Gives You Colour

But what if you’re a scenery person who just wants to see something spectacular? Well, autumn can certainly give you this in spades. October to around mid-November is the best time to travel around the open landscapes and catch glimpses of Scotland’s glorious, colourful foliage. 

The only thing you should note about this time of year, however, is that many sites tend to close down for the winter from around mid-October. So, you’re going to have to plan out your motorhome holiday and ensure there are still plenty of places to go that are still open.

November To December For That Festive Feeling

It’s freezing. The wind is brisk and seems to carry ice along with it. But it’s Christmas and you simply cannot beat it. That’s right, Scotland at Christmas time really is as magical as it sounds. There are so many epic things to do during Scotland’s Christmas, but visiting the cities during this period is a must, especially with all the wonderful Christmas lights and festive markets that spring up around every corner. 

Sure, it might be cold, but it’s worth it for some of the sites and activities you can get up to once the buzz of Christmas starts. Not to mention, you’ve got a warm motorhome to cosy up in when the day’s done!

December To January For Celebration And A Winter Wonderland 

Late December and into January is also a great time to visit, simply because of the wonders of Hogmanay. The Scottish really know how to bring the new year in, and if you choose to travel during this time, you too can learn how to celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland and experience a New Year that you have never experienced before. 

As well as this, the Christmas lights and decorations are all still up – but the crowds will have mostly gone – so you can still experience this aspect of the city streets even once the holiday is over.

So, When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit?

Oh, we’re actually meant to give you an answer to that? Hmm. Nope. For once, we’re not going to give you an answer. Because there isn’t one! 

As we’ve already mentioned, you can experience so many different aspects of this country, all of which are special in their own way. All you need to do is take a deep breath and go for it. Whenever you choose to visit this country, you’re sure to have an experience of a lifetime. Sorry, we’ve not really been much help there, have we? Oh well!