What Are The Three Best Roads In Scotland?

One of the factors of motorhome hires that is rarely talked about, ironically, is the actual driving experience itself.

If you think about it, motorhomes are often judged by their comfort, the amount of space they offer, and their appliances. The holidays, similarly, are judged by the places you stop off and visit. The nights, the days, the scenery, the people. 

In this way, driving is often pushed to the background, especially when there are so many other aspects of motorhome hire to talk about. But driving a motorhome can be just as enjoyable as any other part of the holiday.

The Roads Of Scotland

You don’t have to be a petrolhead to get a kick out of driving. At Ariescape, we offer top quality RVs and motorhomes that are not only suitable for long distances, but also feel great to drive. This is especially important when you hire a motorhome in Scotland

Amongst all the other things Scotland is known for, including its ice-capped mountains, clear blue lochs and deep-fried mars bars, its roads are potentially the most exciting. Okay, maybe that’s not true. Deep-fried mars bars, first. The beautiful roads, second.

Feel The Road, Feel The Motorhome

Coupled with our motorhomes, you can try these roads out for a size with a comfortable, luxurious vehicle that was simply made for the Scottish highways. 

Even if you are not going anywhere in particular, taking the time to simply cruise down these roads and take in the world around you is a perfect way to properly absorb this beautiful country and make the most out of your motorhome.

As mentioned previously, there are a number of beautiful, scenic roads that can provide the ultimate driving experience. If you’re planning on kicking up a little dust, however, then you may as well do it in style. For anyone who loves the feel of pedals beneath their feet, here is a list of the three best roads Scotland has to offer:

The Three Lochs Forest Drive, Twenty Miles

Departing from Aberfoyle and arriving in Callander, this is a beautiful drive that takes only one hour, fifteen minutes. The road is open to vehicles from March to October every year, with only a £2 requirement for driving the route. It’s certainly worth it, too. The woodlands of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park are vast and magnificent, with a number of stunning views and spots for picnics. 

Throughout the drive, you will get glimpses of the lochs through the leaves and branches. Brief, teasing, until you venture into an opening and get a full curtain reveal. It truly is stunning. The road is perfect for nature lovers and anyone who loves the freedom of the wheel in their hands and the world at their feet

The Glen Coe Route, Forty-Two Miles

Glen Coe is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland, and the road through the heart of it is the only way to get the full experience. Notorious for its wide-open moors and lurking Scottish mist, your motorhome will feel almost weightless, as if you’re driving through clouds. The road itself is like a maze, winding from one mountain to another, allowing you to see as much of the glens as possible before you reach your destination. 

The destination, in question, can be whatever you choose. If you are planning on catching sight of Stirling Castle early on in your trip, however, then we recommend taking this road after you leave Edinburgh. It will take you just over an hour to get to Stirling Castle, and once you get there, you’ll want to do the trip all over again!

Forth Road Bridge, Sixty Miles 

When it comes to the last choice, admittedly it was a toss-up between this road and Bealach Na Ba, which is perhaps the most famous Scottish road there is. But the Forth Road Bridge had to take the cake, not least because Bealach Na Ba is pretty unsuitable for inexperienced motorhome drivers. The route from Edinburgh to East Neuk is a beautiful road in its own right. Taking you over the Forth Road Bridge and then along the coast, you will get to experience the full range of what your motorhome has to offer. 

The road is smooth and straight, and there is plenty to see on your way there, including the beautiful fishing villages and long stretches of golden beaches. Once again, this can be a great route to start off with if you would like to experience Fife before the rest of Scotland. You can pick up the keys from us and get straight on with it, allowing yourself to grow familiar with your vehicle whilst also cruising along the perfect track.