Travelling From Home, In Home: Why Motorhome Hire Beats Any Other Accommodation

Booking a holiday is always a fun and exciting time, but that doesn’t mean booking accommodation gives off the same kind of buzz.

This is the trickiest and most mundane part of the process, not to mention the most expensive. Even worse, it usually ends with a hotel room that is not quite as close to the location as you wanted, has a shower which takes a decade to find hot water, and a particularly irritating couple next door watching an obnoxiously loud rom-com at one o’clock in the morning. 

In many ways, you end up wishing you could simply transport your home with you. While the art of house transportation hasn’t quite been mastered yet, here at Ariescape, we think we have figured out the next best thing.

The Luxury Of Luxury Motorhomes

We offer motorhome hire in Scotland that provides a home away from home. With fully equipped kitchenettes, comfortable furniture, luxury interiors and warm, cosy beds, holidays abroad can become far more homely than you ever could have imagined.

Gone are the days of scouring the internet for hours, comparing prices, collating reviews and being left with bags under the eyes during a lukewarm hotel breakfast.  With our motorhomes, there’ll be no neighbours blaring two-hour-long rom-coms through the walls, no homesickness to speak of and breakfast which is as delicious and steaming hot as you want it to be.

As mentioned before, we offer a range of motorhomes that can cater to your holiday needs. Are you a keen mountain biker? We have a bike rack which allows you to take your bike anywhere you want. Are you upset about missing your favourite show while exploring the Scottish Isles? We have a smart TV which allows you to sit back and not miss a thing. The motorhomes we offer are some of the very best in Scotland, and they can entirely change how you experience your next holiday.

Before you choose to hire with us, however, here are some more reasons why motorhomes are the ultimate form of accommodation:

Your Holiday Is Without Limits

Oftentimes, whether it’s through their locations, capacity or booking availability, hotels and B&Bs can play a decisive role when planning our holidays. If you were planning a trip to Scotland, however,  renting a motorhome would allow you to go anywhere you want, any time you want. You get the ability to take your holiday back into your own hands and simply allow the road to take you.

Do you want to be closer to Ben Nevis so you can watch the sunrise above the peak in the early hours of the morning? Or do you want to explore the city of Edinburgh during the busy heights of the Fringe Festival? Our motorhome hires allow you to do that, making the most out of your Scottish adventure without limits.

Cha Cha Cha Changes (Or Lack Thereof)

We can all agree that lugging our stuff from one destination to another is one of the biggest pains of any holiday. If you want to explore Scotland, however, this is what you would have to do. Every new destination means a different hotel room and more luggage handling, but this can totally be avoided with motorhomes.

Consistency and ease of travel is essential to a fun, memorable holiday, and our motorhomes never fail to provide that. Your accommodation remains exactly the same throughout your entire trip and your luggage all stays in one place, making the move from one destination to the other as easy and exciting as it should be.

Holidays For The Whole Family

Another aspect of holidays that can be tricky occurs when a whole family goes away. If you have children, then finding appropriate accommodation that is suitable for everyone is always a struggle.  With motorhomes, however, your holidays can get a whole lot easier.

One of the many benefits of our motorhomes is that they have a berth ranging from two to six, meaning they can accommodate a whole family. This allows you to take the kids anywhere you want without any stress. Not only this, but your journey from one destination to the other can be far smoother, as you have the ability to stop off anywhere you want to let the kids stretch their legs and eliminate any restlessness.

There are so many reasons why motorhome hire holidays are so popular. One thing is for sure, however, if you take the time to rent a motorhome for your next Scottish holiday, you won’t ever want to see a hotel room again.