Three Beautiful Lochs To Visit In Scotland

A few things will come to mind when contemplating a motorhome holiday in Scotland. Castles, tick. Glens, tick. An overindulgence of Haggis, tick.

But one of the best things that everybody wants to see while they’re travelling the country has to be the lochs.

For those unaware, a loch is an arm of the sea which has been partially landlocked, essentially forming a gigantic lake that may or may not have a monster living inside of it.

They are some of the most beautiful pieces of scenery to find in Scotland, making them a perfect destination to type into your motorhome sat nav.

But hold on, you cannot simply type LOCH into your sat nav and hope it gives you an answer. Believe it or not, there are more than 30,000 lochs and lakes that exist within Scottish borders, and each one of them has their own beauty and story. You cannot possibly visit them all, so let’s help you narrow it down to three of the absolute best.

Loch Lomond

“Me and my true love will never meet again, on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.”

If you have visited Scotland before, then you have probably heard of this song. Referring to the largest loch in Scotland, the beauty of the melody is only accentuated by the beauty of the loch itself. If you are hiring a motorhome in Scotland, then Loch Lomond should certainly be on your list of must-visits.

This is the jewel of the Trossach National park. You can take your motorhome up to the top of Conic Hill, along the West Highland way and be greeted by outstanding views of the loch, mountains and a number of Scottish islands that twinkle under the sun.

As well as this, you can park up your motorhome and treat the kids to a bit of fun. There are a number of watersports and activities that you can do around the loch, ensuring that the kids remain entertained and giving them a way to stretch their legs after a long journey.

Loch Ness

Let’s get this one out of the way. Loch Ness, which is located in the south-west of Inverness, is probably the most notorious loch in the world. And for good reason.

The first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster officially happened back in 1933, when the Inverness Courier released a story claiming a couple had seen “an enormous animal plunging around on the surface”.

Since then, the story of the monster has become a media phenomenon, leading thousands of tourists to try to spot a glimpse every year. While it is not likely that there is actually a prehistoric plesiosaur roaming around under the waves (it’s more likely to be a gigantic eel, catfish, shark, or even more incredulously, an escaped circus elephant), that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit this loch and have a look for yourself.

It is the deepest loch in Scotland, spanning a huge 37 kilometres across Inverness. The strangeness of the stories adds a cool air of mysticism about the place, making it all the more fantastical. There are plenty of motorhome parks nearby too, as well as long, winding roads which make for a great drive with some fantastic views.

Loch Harray And Stenness

Alright, so this is technically two lochs, but two is always better than one! These lochs are only separated by the narrowest point of a causeway, making them more or less the same body of water.

From up above, they resemble the lungs of Orkney’s Mainland, and if you want to take your motorhome for a spin nearby, you would be met with never-ending views which stay in your memory forever.

There are plenty of attractions nearby these lochs. These include the Unstan Chambered Cairn and the Ring Of Brodgar, both of which have a wealth of history and tales which go back thousands of years. Just a quick visit to these sites will pull you back to a time that has long since faded.

Park your motorhome nearby, put your hiking boots on, take a walk around the lochs, and you will truly get a sense of Scotland’s oldest and fantastical past.

In Scotland, The Water Sparkles

If you are in the process of choosing your Scottish adventure, then these three lochs will give you an experience you will not forget.

Wherever you go in Scotland, the water always sparkles and shines, and there just might be a little mystery lingering underneath it. As ever though, it has to be seen to be believed.