The Best Animals To Look Out For In Scotland

While you won’t be travelling Scotland in one of those open-roofed safari cars – our Ariescape motorhomes come equipped with beds, kitchen utilities, cushioned furnishings and, best of all, a roof – that doesn’t mean you can’t discover some beautiful wildlife.

Your motorhome adventure is tailor-made for discovery. For wildlife lovers, Scotland is the pinnacle of nature, full of rare beasts, astonishing birds, and species you wouldn’t have believed even exist in the UK.  

What’s more, you can spot them all from the comfort of your own motorhome. Gone are the days where you have to fear a monkey jumping onto your seat and stealing your camera-phone. Our motorhomes are comfortable, luxurious and – above all – secure, meaning none of the local wildlife will be able to bother you or your digital gadgets. It should be noted, however, that there are no monkeys leaping around the Highlands of Scotland. At least, none that we are aware of.

So pack up the binoculars, buckle in and get ready for the adventure. Here are seven of the most beautiful Scottish animals that are just waiting to be discovered:

The Highland Cow – The Highlands

If you popped into an Edinburgh shop before picking up the keys to your motorhome hire, then you probably noticed a shortbread tin with this handsome fella painted on it. Or a keyring, for that matter. Or practically any trinket which can fit the depiction of a highland cow. 

This is one of Scotland’s most beloved creatures. Looking like a cross between a caribou and a regular cow, it reigns upon the Scottish Highlands and is an iconic symbol of its gorgeous, unique ruggedness.

The Golden Eagle – Argyll

Of course, it’s not just the wild Highland landscapes where you can find amazing animals. If you are travelling around Argyll, you might be inclined to look up into the sky every once in a while. 

The golden eagle is known to make an appearance during the summertime season, and they are best identified by golden-brown, flecked plumage and their enormous wingspans. Just hide your chips. You never know what they’ve been picking up from the local seagulls.

The Red Squirrel – Dumfries

Just next to Dumfries, you’ll find a gorgeous woodland which is known to house a few of these furry creatures. Red squirrels are some of the cutest animals you can find in all of Scotland, but they are also endangered – mostly because of their rueful grey cousins – so they might not be around for long. 

If it is something that interests you, fantastic charities like Scottish Wildlife are doing their best to keep the red squirrels alive and thriving, and they welcome anyone who is willing to do their bit. 

The Puffin – East Lothian

If you’re travelling up near the Bass Rock in East Lothian, then keep your eyes out for the local puffins. Although most people might be surprised to learn that puffins enjoy the Scottish coastlines, there are plenty to spot if you get your timing right. 

These are unique, gorgeous creatures which deserve a visit. They’re also pretty photogenic, so make sure to bring your camera-phone along!

The Dolphin – Loch Sunart

Dolphins? In a loch? Yep, it’s true. If you travel up to Loch Sunart, then you might just find yourself in the company of the sea’s most intelligent creatures. This is because Loch Sunart is a sea-loch, meaning it is connected to the waters of west-coast Scotland. 

This is not only a great destination for spotting dolphins, but also to take in some of the stunning, mountainous scenery. The Sunart Camping site nearby is also perfect for parking up your motorhome and ensuring you don’t have to walk long to spot some of Scotland’s aquatic wildlife.

The Scottish Wildcat – The Highlands

Back to the Highlands now, the Scottish Wildcat is a beautiful, unique creature which – like the red squirrel – is highly endangered. They used to be widespread throughout the whole of the country, but a sad history of persecution, breeding with domestic cats and habitat loss has dwindled them down to just below 200 – so if you manage to spot one, you are extremely lucky.

Remember that there are charities in existence that are actively trying to keep these furry creatures thriving. So, whilst you’re looking for our favourite wild-moggy, make sure you take a look into how you can protect them too!  

The Loch Ness Monster – Loch Ness

It exists, okay?! Listen, maybe it’s hard for the unenlightened to believe, but there’s certainly something strange lurking beneath the loch’s waters. Is it an eel? Maybe. Is it a lost Loch Sunart dolphin? Probably not. Is it a prehistoric monster with massive flippers and razor-sharp teeth? Oh please, let it be so. 

Seriously, we all need a bit of mystery in our lives. Loch Ness is also a beautiful place to spend a day, explore the scenery and immerse yourself in the mythic atmosphere that rests within the mist. So, get your motorhome in gear, leave your bias on the road and go full David Attenborough on this location!  Monster or no monster, you’re sure to have a whale of a time.