Isle Of Skye: A Bridge To A Fairy-Tale

There is a mystical quality about Scotland. When you set off from Edinburgh in your motorhome, one of the first things you’ll notice is the other-worldliness of its scenery. This is a country set far apart from the rest of the UK, so much so that travelling across its border feels like travelling into a fairy-tale. With picturesque castles, mountains that touch the clouds and ancient mythological stories that haunt the lands; this fairy-tale is yours to explore and is just waiting to be discovered. 

On a motorhome hire holiday, you have a complete track of the pages, with a number of benefits to make your journey comfortable and homely, despite the fact you are venturing deep into a story you have never read. Your motorhome is kitted out with a GPS sat nav, meaning all you have to do is simply type in the place you want to see the most, and let your vehicle guide you the rest of the way.

But where do you begin in a place like Scotland? With so much to offer and even more to do, Scotland is hardly a country which makes your choices easy. That being said, if you’ve come to Scotland to explore a fairy-tale, it feels quite suitable that you should start with the first page.

The Beauty Of Skye

The Isle Of Skye is an island of firsts. Located just west of the North Highlands, it is home to Scotland’s earliest inhabited castle, thousand-year-old burial grounds, ancient clans and mysterious ruins. Connected by bridge to Kyle of Lochalsh, this feels like travelling deep into a hidden world; a place that presents a handful of historic, Scottish monuments, some famous, some secret.

The roads are long and winding, meaning they are perfect for easy motorhome travel with something incredible to spot around every corner. What’s more, the local villages are plenty and tranquil, with a range of activities to make the experience just as enjoyable for the children. Here are five of the top places to visit: 

The Old Man Of Storr

Talking of secret monuments, the Old Man of Storr is one of the top sight-seeing spots for any motorhome traveller. Formed from an ancient landscape, the “old man” is a part of jagged rock face which, when viewed from the front, creates the face of a haggard old man. It is a famous site amongst locals and tourists, but not many know how to see the face in the rocks. Now that you know the secret, be sure to pick up some hiking boots and see it for yourself.

The Fairy Pools

 Sitting at the foot of  the Black Cuillin mountains, just near the village of Glenbrittle, this site truly lives up to the fairy-tale element of Scotland. The crystal-clear water of the pools are so captivating that you’ll find yourself completely overlooking the equally stunning mountain ranges that loom just above. There is a car park only 1.2 kilometres away, making it a great location to park up the motorhome and make the short trek to see them. If you’re feeling brave, you can even bring some swimming gear for a quick dip. Sure, it’s icy, but at least you’ll have the warm embrace of your own motorhome nearby!

The Fairy Glen

Keeping up with the fairy-tale theme, the Fairy Glen is a mysterious spot which some locals claim was enchanted by fairies over a thousand years ago. It will certainly get you believing in magic if you choose to visit. Located near the village of Uig, the Fairy Glen is full of luscious green hills, mysterious rocky spirals and beautiful nearby wildlife. It is also a great spot for the kids, with one of the tallest hills (Castle Ewan) perfect for a game of “king of the castle”.

Dungvegan Castle

Dungvegan Castle is the oldest inhabited castle in all of Scotland, known to have housed the infamous MacLeod clan for over 800 years. Today, it is a famous landmark full of stories and tales, as well as beautiful features such as the Fairy Tower, Fairy Flag and hidden clan treasures. What’s more, the Skye campervan site is close by with stunning, loch views of its own, making it a win-win location!

The Cuillin Mountain Drive

For the people who love the experience of driving a motorhome along scenic roads, there are plenty of wonderful tracks on offer within the Isle Of Skye. One of these is the drive between Broadford and Elgol, which is famous for its spectacular views of the Cuillin Mountains. If you want to take in as much of Skye as you can, then this is certainly the best route to engulf yourself in the fairy-tale world from the comfort of your own motorhome.