Is Glasgow Worth A Visit During Your Motorhome Holiday?

When you hire a motorhome with us, you’ll start out in the glorious city of Edinburgh. Complete with historic castles, an ancient volcano, theatres, old-world pubs, winding stairs, mysterious monuments, haggis and Irn Bru. It is a brilliant place. Perhaps the most beautiful city in the UK and most Scots would agree with that. There are some, however, who whisper of a rival – another city that stands up to Edinburgh, though most Dunediners do not speak its name. 

That’s right, we’re talking about the self-proclaimed “edgier” younger sibling: Glasgow. And we only mention it because the motorhome enthusiasts who start off with the Edinburgh experience often choose to entirely bypass Glasgow. It’s true that motorhome hire in Scotland is all about venturing deep into the heart of the country, after all, not necessarily driving into another clog of traffic to experience yet another city. They may also have been put off by the words of fellow Edinburgh locals, which tend to come in three popular sound bites:

  •  ‘It’s not as good.’
  • ‘It’s a bit more run down.’
  • ‘They do deep-fried Mars bars right, but that’s about it.’

There is, however, always a counterargument. In fact, at least one in five Dunediners will entirely disagree with those sneers, claiming instead that Glasgow is not only on par with Edinburgh, but even better. 

Here at Ariescape, we must say that we agree. Not necessarily that Glasgow is better than Edinburgh, but that it’s a beautiful city in its own right that deserves a visit. Even for just a weekend. Why? Well, here are a few integral reasons:

It Really Is Edgy

Edinburgh is great. It’s beautiful, vibrant and full of activities and culture. But is it edgy? What is edgy? Does it actually mean anything or is it just a term made up for the sake of sounding different? Well, go to Glasgow and you’ll find out. This is a hip, vibrant and cool place to be. Teeming with brilliant nightlife, interesting bars, wacky venues, and each one of them manages to radiate what can only be described as a grungy, edgy vibe. If you have teenagers travelling with you on your road trip, Glasgow will rock their world.

It Is Perfect For Music Lovers

Speaking of venues, Glasgow is renowned for its excellent music scene. For a budding Scottish musician, it is the place to be if you want to get noticed and become one with the landscape. For music lovers, too, there is always something on. Whether your genre is hip-hop, rock, folk, or even electro-classical, you will be sure to find something that scratches that itch.

It Is A Foodie’s Paradise

Now don’t get us wrong. Edinburgh has plenty of places for foodies to delight in. But Glasgow goes that little bit extra. Neighbourhoods like Finnieston have established themselves as foodie paradises, with a number of invigorating cuisine options that go way beyond your average deep-fried Mars bar. This city is where Gordon Ramsay learned his trade, after all. And there are plenty of chefs who are most likely hot on his heels to becoming the next big thing. 

You’re Not Exactly Out Of The Wild

Although motorhomes are perfect for cruising around Scotland’s rolling, green pastures, you’re not exactly out of the wilderness just because you’ve ventured into a city. In fact, Glasgow literally translates as “Dear Green Place”, with parks such as Pollock, Queens Park and Glasgow Green demonstrating exactly why it was given this name. Perfect for an afternoon stroll, you can be exploring a forest in the middle of the city and then pop into a local, trendy café just a few minutes later.

It Is Affordable

One of the last reasons Glasgow is well worth a visit is because, quite simply, it’s affordable. Right now, everyone is trying to do their bit to save cash, but if you’re on holiday, you deserve to treat yourself a little more. Edinburgh is a good place to do this, but it is generally more expensive than Glasgow. The younger sibling is not only fun and hip, but also does its bit to protect your pockets and ensure you have the best time possible.

So, there we have it. Five reasons why Glasgow is well worth a visit. Of course, if we’re comparing the two cities, we may be a little more biased towards Edinburgh – we do live here after all! But as you can see, Glasgow is still a beautiful city. It might even be the best destination you choose whilst you’re travelling on your motorhome adventure!