Is Glasgow Really Scotland’s Trendiest Town?

It’s a funny word: trendy. Technically, being trendy is defined as being “up-to-date and fashionable”. 

Why, then, is Glasgow often referred to as Scotland’s trendiest town? It’s not exactly “up to date”. Heck, it was founded in the 6th century!

14% of its residents are also over the age of 65-years-old. We’re not saying being old makes you un-fashionable, but it’s hard to see a 67-year-old Glaswegian partying down to Dua Lipa.

So, what makes a town like Glasgow trendy? Well, the same reason Glasgow is the fifth most visited city in the UK: innovation.

The Traditional Sense Of Scotland

If you’re planning a motorhome hire holiday in Scotland, you probably have a vague idea of what to expect. Rolling hills, old buildings, kilts, bagpipes, haggis; these are all the traditional ideas of Scotland, and it’s been that way for thousands of years.

But while you’re travelling across the misty highlands and through the ancient cities, you will begin to notice a big difference between the Scotland you thought you knew and the Scotland that actually exists. Cities like Glasgow are a perfect example.

The Innovation Of Glasgow

As a city, Glasgow is focused on innovation, change and entrepreneurship. One of the most exciting things about Glasgow, in this way, is the music scene. It’s certainly vibrant, but you’ll notice that most acts aren’t utilising bagpipes or vihuelas as their instruments of choice – ahem, we’re looking at you, Edinburgh! The music is new, current, respectful of the past, but looking to the future.  

Its architecture is also second-to-none. Once again, if you were travelling through one of Scotland’s oldest cities, you would expect a specific type of architecture. Whilst Glasgow has that – another factor of being trendy is not disconnecting from history, but preserving and improving upon it – it’s also not afraid to flex its cultural muscles. 

The old industrial landscape is now burnished with gorgeous architecture, all honouring the city’s renowned architecture whilst simultaneously shaping it into something new. 

The Buzz Of The Streets

It’s not just about aesthetics, of course. When it comes to being a trendy city, the streets must also be full of trendy people. Here is where the definition of trendy gets a little shaky. 

We joked earlier about elderly people partying down to Dua Lipa, and while they might not be doing that, every age group of Glasgow has a part to play in honouring the city’s trendy status. That’s because being trendy is not about being fashionable or youthful but having a fashionable, youthful, and open attitude.

Just last year, Time Out magazine named Glasgow the friendliest city in the world, followed by Manchester, Dublin and Porto. If you decide to take one of our vehicles to visit the city, you will see this kindness first-hand. 

Whether you’re going shopping down the St Enoch Centre or catching a bite to eat in Julie’s Kopitiam, the people of Glasgow always greet you with a smile. This in itself helps to give the town its trendy nickname – if you are welcomed into a city and feel accepted for who you are, then you will see that town in a positive light. 

But not only this, the town is relaxed and accepting of change and innovation. No one is set in their ways, and, in Glasgow, everything goes. Having that friendly, innovative and open attitude is what makes something cool. And that’s exactly what Glasgow is: cool. 

Should You Visit Glasgow?

Of course, we have focused this blog on Glasgow, but Scotland has more trendy cities. 

We made another joke about Edinburgh earlier in the article – hey, we live here, we’re allowed to! – but this is another city that has a strong, innovative and friendly spirit. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is also one of the coolest festivals in the world. As well as this, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth could easily have the “trendy” tag attached to them, despite their more traditional and historical aesthetic.

At the end of the day, however, it’s about what you want to see and where you want to go. Earlier, we mentioned that idea of Scotland you probably have in your head, and this perception isn’t wrong. That version of Scotland still exists in a number of places across the country. 

Part of the reason places like Glasgow are so exciting is the beautiful inter-mash between old eras and new styles, but you can go to places that have prioritised one over the other. 

In our honest opinion, though, if you are looking for somewhere new, cool, fun, and trendy, you can’t do much better than Glasgow… 

Just don’t expect to see any Glaswegian Nanas doing a dance for TikTok.