Can You Visit The Isle Of Skye In Your Motorhome – And Is It Worth It?

So you’re in your motorhome. You’ve got the whole of Scotland in front of you. Where do you go? Well, if this is your first time hiring a motorhome, you might be tempted to stick to mainland points. Places like Glasgow, Inverness, and Glencoe. There’s something about the mainland that feels more comfortable in a motorhome, especially in comparison to the many islands that Scotland has to offer.

But venturing further out does have its advantages, especially if we’re talking about a place like the Isle of Skye, which is one of the most beautiful spots that you can visit in this country. Surrounded by the water and filled to the brim with activities, mountains and wildlife, there are so many destinations on this one island, making it a perfect destination for your motorhome hire in Scotland.

But How Do You Actually Get To The Isle Of Skye?

Seeing as we don’t specialise in amphibious motorhomes, it’s best to get to the Isle of Skye via the Skye Bridge, which was opened back in 1995. The route is short but beautiful, with some breathtaking views across the coast that give you a little teaser of what you’re about to experience.

Of course, if the bridge isn’t your cup of tea, you can also access the island via one of the ferries from Mallaig to Armadale. While it won’t be as quick, it does give you an opportunity to immediately get out on the water and grab a coffee before you reach your destination!

What To Get Up To First In The Isle Of Skye

So you’re finally there. What exactly can you get up to? Well, the first thing you need to do is get those hiking boots on and go visit the fairies. No, not actual fairies. The Isle of Skye is a magical place, and, according to legend, there are a number of locations to find fairies, but, in this instance, we’re talking about the glen located on the Trotternish Loop.

It’s a short hike to Fairy Glen, but it’s well worth it to catch some stunning mountainous views. Nearby, you can also visit the Fairy Pools, which are a series of small waterfalls that may as well have jumped out of the page of a fantasy novel!

Activities To Experience In The Isle Of Skye

Apart from hiking and fairy-spotting, you can also go and visit the Dunvegan Castle. This is the oldest occupied castle in northern Scotland, having stood upon the rocks by Loch Dunvegan for over eight-hundred years and counting. If you’re into history, then this is an absolute must-visit, especially since its 19th-century remodelling into medieval-esque architecture.

If fishing is also your thing, then you can also test out the waters of the Dunvegan loch on one of the many fishing expeditions that are offered. Here, you can catch anything from salmon, trout, pollock or even a few rays. Beginner or professional, it’s sure to be a fun and unique way to wile away the afternoon.

The Ultimate View In The Isle Of Skye

There are a number of beautiful views to experience in Scotland, and the view from Kilt Rock on the Isle Of Skye is certainly up there with the very best. This is where you can look out onto the ocean and really take in where you are.

The tourist viewpoint is easily accessible and very close to the carpark, so there isn’t even a lengthy hike involved, which can be a bonus if your feet are a bit sore after the Fairy Glens! If you do decide to visit this viewpoint, then make sure to keep your eyes out for wildlife too. Kilt Rock is a notoriously good vantage point to spot some sea eagles, many of which nest in the cliffs and follow the fishing boats when they venture out from the shore.

The Worth It Factor

These activities, as well as many more, make the Isle Of Skye well worth it if you are plotting out your Scotland travels. You don’t even have to spend too long there. A number of tourists have stated that you can experience plenty of the sights within just two days before moving off to your next destination.

Then again, on the Isle of Skye, that might be easier said than done. Take it from us. When you cross that bridge, you will very likely be tempted to stay on the island for the rest of your trip. But you have to be strong. Keep your motorhome in gear, the whole of Scotland is waiting for you, and adventure is always calling on the winds!