7 Reasons We’re Joining the Campervan Club

In our last blog, we talked about the difference between motorhomes and campervans, and we did this for a very good reason. We’re joining the campervan club!

As of 2025, we’re going to be adding a range of campervans to our arsenal, allowing you to have even more choice when it comes to planning the perfect Scottish holiday.

You might be asking why we’ve done this. What exactly can Scottish campervans offer that Scottish motorhomes can’t? Well, we’d start by saying this isn’t quite the right question to ask. It’s not so much the vehicles you should be thinking about, but yourself as a customer – and what you want to get out of your upcoming Scottish adventure.

With this in mind, we’re going to list out 7 reasons we’re joining the campervan club, helping to cater to every customer who wants to see what Scotland has to offer.

For the Solo Traveller

Right off the bat, campervans are smaller than motorhomes, which makes them a viable option for solo travellers who don’t need all the space that our motorhomes provide. If you’re hoping to go on a solo trip to Scotland, campervans are a more compact option that still allows you all the freedoms you would enjoy with a motorhome.

For Ease and Accessibility

Following on from this, because campervans are smaller, they’re also more manoeuvrable. If you’re travelling along narrow roads or exploring Scotland’s most remote landmarks, campervans can allow you to do this with greater ease, potentially opening up your Scottish holiday even more than it would have been otherwise.

This is also important for the more nervous drivers. While it’s easy to get the hang of driving a motorhome, it can still be nerve-wracking to take command of a large vehicle, especially in a place that you’re not familiar with. Campervans alleviate those nerves and put you in control of a smaller, more familiar vehicle.

For Flexibility

This is great for flexibility too. When you’re driving a motorhome, you might want to pass up on certain parts of Scotland – especially the areas that require more careful driving, with smaller roads and more restrictions.

Campervans can give you more flexibility in terms of travel routes and itinerary decisions. They’re also easier to park, which allows for more spontaneous stops and exploration of attractions between one destination and another.

For Cost-Effectiveness

Our prices for motorhome hire are affordable and perfect for small groups looking to explore Scotland on a budget – missing out on all those hotel or AirBnB fees. But if you want an even more cost-effective holiday, campervans have lower rental costs, making them a perfect budget-friendly option, especially when also considering their higher fuel efficiency.

For the Cosy Couples

Going back to you, the traveller, you might be wondering whether a motorhome will be preferable if you’re not travelling solo. But even if you’re in a couple, campervans can be the perfect vehicle. They might be smaller than motorhomes, but that only makes them more intimate, cosy, and perfect for bonding experiences on the road. Essentially, campervans encourage closeness and shared adventures, allowing you to create some cherished memories without the distractions or complexities of a larger vehicle.

For the Ripe and Ready Customers

We’re also aware that not all our customers book well in advance. Sometimes holidays are off-the-cusp, spur of the moment, and travellers don’t always have time to get everything in order. With our vehicles in 2025, you’ll be able to choose between space and convenience, luxury and versatility, flexibility and cost-efficiency. If you want to pack light and get out there fast, campervans give you that option.

For the Authentic Travelling Experience

To throw a curveball in here, the final reason we’re adding campervans to our portfolio is because they offer the same thing as a motorhome, just in different ways. Why wouldn’t we want to add more options to the mix? Both motorhomes and campervans serve the same goal – to get you into the heart of Scotland and allow you a more luxurious, flexible way to explore the country at your own leisure.

We’re not saying you should choose campervans over motorhomes, of course. In the same way that campervans have distinct positives, motorhomes are perfect for travellers who want space, storage, luxury, and a way to travel Scotland over a week, two weeks, three weeks, or more, with maximum comfort. But the reason we’re so excited to be joining the campervan club is because we get to offer you more. More choice. More accessibility. More adventure. All waiting for you in 2025.