7 Best Golf Courses In Scotland

Ahh, Scotland. Home of the red squirrels, highland cows, and around a million tiny white balls lodged into the mounds of the Scottish hills.

That’s right – if you point your binoculars up into the air at any point during your motorhome travels, you’re guaranteed to see at least three things. Birds, clouds and golf balls. They fly through the air, oftentimes out of nowhere, and are often accompanied by a few voices shouting: fore!

Compared to anywhere else in the UK, Scotland has an abundance of golf courses – such is the beautiful open landscape that graces the country – which means you’ll come across at least a handful while hiring a motorhome in Scotland.

But instead of simply ducking under them, why not pick one of those balls up and join in with the fun? If you’re a golf lover, Scotland is the perfect place to break out the clubs, pot a few holes and make some friends while traversing the stunning scenery.

With this in mind, here are seven of the very best courses for you to take advantage of:

Balgownie Links, Royal Aberdeen

The Royal Aberdeen golf club was founded in 1780 and is – apparently – one of the oldest golf clubs in the world. Today, it has incredibly reasonable rates, and the course is vast and beautiful. The greens and bunkers are all in great condition, and there is a sprinkler system to keep the course playing wonderfully. The catering is not too bad either!

Ailsa Course, Trump Turnberry

This golf course has recently been acquired by Donald Trump, but don’t let that put you off! This place is over 100 years old and regularly shows up in “Top 20” lists of the best golf courses in the world (hence why it is in this one!) The views, especially, are terrific. So much so that it is almost impossible not to keep your eye on them, even when you are teeing off. So don’t expect too many birdies on this one!

Kingsbarns Golf Links

This is a slightly unusual golf course, not least because it wasn’t built until 2000. But despite its young age,  it has a maturity that replicates the very best. The perfectly crafted links are great for a challenge, and the views out to the ocean are beyond splendid. The staff are also highly encouraging and friendly, with all of them ready to get stuck in and help out if you’re having a little trouble navigating the place.

Old Course, St Andrews

Although this course has seen a little controversy recently – they carried out renovation work to a 700-year-old crossing, making it look more like a DIY patio – it is one of the most famous in all of Scotland. Some incredible golf stars have walked over the Swilcan Bridge, but the course is still open to the public and available for anyone to come and play. Be wary, mind, the price is a fair bit higher than most golf courses. But it’s worth it to feel like you’re Tiger Woods!

Trump International

Eek, another Trump one! But again, don’t let the owner put you off because this course is a visual masterpiece. It has a number of holes shaped by large dunes, and it’s a treat for anyone who wants a challenging Par 3 or Par 4! If you’re passing the area in your motorhome, make sure you park up in John Prince Park Campground nearby and at least take a look. You might get your most rewarding score yet!

North Berwick Children’s Course

Of course, a child-friendly golf course is a great place to visit when travelling with children. The North Berwick golf course, specifically, is a perfect little golf course for the younger kids to perfect their craft and have a bit of fun. If you’re travelling with teenagers, then try out the Gullane #3 course on the east of Edinburgh. It’s not exactly for the absolute beginner, but it’s certainly easy enough for the less developed to enjoy it and get a few holes under their belt.

Fore Play Crazy Golf, Edinburgh

Please, for the love of god, don’t turn up to this one with your clubs over one shoulder and your golfing attire on. We’re just finishing up the article with a little nod to a great mini-golf centre in the centre of Edinburgh. Based in the trendy Picardy Place, Fore Play is designed for non-golfers who want a go with the club but would rather not brace the Scottish weather. If you’re staying the night in Edinburgh before or after your motorhome travels, then it’s a great spot to grab a few drinks, have a few laughs and experience the range of mini-courses they have available!