5 Ways to Keep the Children Entertained on a Motorhome Holiday

We all know how it goes – as kids, you complain about the seemingly interminable drives, the long gaps between one toilet opportunity and the next, and the fact that sibling A always has whatever sibling B wants (and vice versa).

But, as the years pass and age inevitably brings with it a healthy dose of nostalgia, we all come to the conclusion that, actually, those family holidays stand among the very best memories we have ever made, and nothing will ever replace the feeling of all bundling into the car, motorhome, boat or plane together and embarking on a brand-new adventure.

If you’re looking to great some of those evergreen memories, then a Scottish motorhome holiday is one of your best options. Not only will you and the family have more space to stretch out, more home-comforts quell any ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I’m hungry’ choruses before they start, and more opportunities to explore somewhere entirely new, but you’ll also have it all against the beautiful backdrop of Scotland.

1. Scottish Folklore

Like so many fascinating corners of the world, Scotland’s long history is tightly interwoven with folklore. From brownies and fairies to kelpies, selkies and the Loch Ness Monster herself, there are some incredible characters to get to know – and what better time than when you’re passing through miles and miles of Scotland’s other-worldly landscape?

There are some great ways to learn more about Scottish folklore. If you’re averse to reading when the motorhome is moving, then consider taking a look at the Folklore Scotland Podcast. Run by a group of volunteers, this is the perfect resource for long journeys along the B-roads.

2. Try Some Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes

This is a great one to try if you feel like energy levels are starting to dwindle. True, they may drag their heels at first, but once you start introducing them to some of Scotland’s childhood classics – for instance, Zeenty Teenty or Annie McShuggle – they’ll start to see the fun side.

If you really feel like putting the wind in their sails, then consider getting a few songs playing through the speakers. Challenge the kids to singing in rounds, and you’ll have some fond memories to last a lifetime.

3. Wildlife Watch

Scotland isn’t just about castles and rugged landscapes. There are so many incredible animals here to look out for, from red squirrels and red deer to the white-tailed eagle. Consider taking a pair of binoculars (or two, if avoiding backseat squabbles is your aim) so you can look out for some of Scotland’s shyer species. Along the coastline, puffins and seals are frequent visitors, while parking up and enjoying some of our unspoilt forestry will get you acquainted with plenty of feathered friends.

Parked up, our motorhomes make for great wildlife watching hubs. Turn it into a game of wildlife bingo and see who can tick their list of animals off fastest.

4. Campfire Ghost Stories

When the day’s travelling is over and you’re looking to wind down a little before bedtime, then what could be better than a couple of good, old-fashioned Scottish ghost stories? It’s a rite of passage for any bairn hunkering down over the campfire with a few marshmallows and an unrivalled view over the darkening landscape, even if you’ve got to de-spook some of the scarier parts.

There are some incredible Scottish ghost stories from history to inspire you.

5. Navigation

These days, it’s pretty rare that any child has the opportunity to navigate the old-fashioned way with nothing but a map, a compass, and an instinct for heading in the right direction. But, if you want to get them looking out of the window and engaging with the world around them as it flies past, giving them the hallowed responsibility of ‘navigator’ is a great change of pace from the screens.

Of course, we don’t necessarily suggest you do this when you’re truly lost. A navigator’s first day on the job is rarely a roaring success, after all. Start them off on something simple, then work your way up to navigating the family through hikes – and maybe even making their own compass out of a cork and a needle.

You never know, you may unlock a new passion for orienteering!

Scotland is a wonderful country to spend some time in, whether you’re one of the very old or the very young. Every new generation of vacationers gets to moan a little bit, but you can be sure that, someday soon, your holiday will represent one of the most memorable experiences they’ve ever had.